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"I want to end up with a picture that I haven’t planned. This method of arbitrary choice, chance, inspiration, and destruction may produce a specific type of picture, but it never produces a pre-determined picture.” — Gerhard Richter 


This expansive work on mylar using acrylic paint was composed of several 6’ x 3’ panels which needed to be back-lit for full effect. In my desire to create a non-traditional installation, I found a storefront where it was exhibited through back-lit windows whose prime viewing would be at night.

P1080312_Cr LTR.jpg
Diana - 17 Nov, 2014_025.MTS_snapshot_00.06_[2014.11.20_11.44.20].jpg
Diana - 17 Nov, 2014_010.MTS_snapshot_00.03_[2014.11.20_11.53.34].jpg
Diana - 17 Nov, 2014_024.MTS_snapshot_00.05_[2014.11.20_11.50.07].jpg
Diana - 17 Nov, 2014_014.MTS_snapshot_00.03_[2014.11.20_11.52.25].jpg
sotrefront 2.webp
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